BarnDoor Productions

Plan Nine Poster

A preview page for our

April/May 2020 musical


a new musical from the cult classic movie by Ed Wood
Music, book and lyrics by David Jacklin

April 17, 18, 23, 24, 25
May 1, 2
8:00 p.m.
April 19, May 3
2:00 p.m.

This is considered to be the WORST movie of all time --
so we had to make it into a musical!

An all-original rock'n'roll score.

large -- up to 16 or more

2 multi-keyboards (keys provided)

Everyone sings -- everyone dances -- everyone has LOTS to do!


Download the book here

Or the Vocal Score here

Or the Piano/Vocal score here

and use it to follow along with the music below

(NOTE: the music files below are the compete score. I may add a few transition and underscore bits, but, otherwise, it's complete.)

Act One

No 1 The Science Fiction Overture.mp3

No 2 Plan 9 From Outer Space.mp3

No 3 The Shadows Of Grief-A Time To Live.mp3

No 4 A Time To Live reprise.mp3

No 5 Space Love.mp3

No 6 Plan 9 From Outer Space reprise.mp3

No 7 It's a Saucer.mp3

No 8 - Your Pillow By My Side.mp3

No 9 - Near The Cemetery.mp3

No 9b - Near The Cemetery Transition.mp3

No 10 - The Lost Roses of her Cheeks.mp3

No 10a It's A Saucer underscore.mp3

No 12 The Bell Has Rung.mp3

No 10b It's A Saucer Transition.mp3

No 11 - Eros Calling Earth.mp3

Act Two

No 13 Entr'Acte.mp3

No 14 That's Why I Hold You.mp3

No 15 There's Something Out There.mp3

No 15a The Zombie Walk Preparatory.mp3

No 16 - The Zombie Walk.mp3

No 17 The Zombie Walk reprise.mp3

No 18 I A Fiend.mp3

No 18a The Zombie Walk underscore.mp3

No 19 Everything's On Fire.mp3

No 20 God Help Us In The Future - Plan 9 reprise.mp3

No 21 Bows and Finale Ultimo.mp3

No 22 Audience Playout.mp3