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BPD's 23rd season: classic, original, enchanted, provocative, UNIQUE!

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BarnDoor Productions has been presenting live theatre in Perth, Ontario since 1995 and before that, as Perth Summer Theatre, back to 1983.

From outdoor classics to modern hits, from favourite "chestnuts" to original shows, BDP has set the region's  community theatre standards since our first production and built a reputation for high-energy, fast-paced, constantly surprising and always exciting theatre.

Producing Directors David and Janice Jacklin are now in their 35th season of presenting theatre together and their seventh season at the Full Circle Theatre, Perth's only ground-level, fully barrier-free theatre -- and generally praised as the best performance space in town.

In 2012, the Jacklins were honoured with the
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
for service to the community
and the performing arts.

A website dedicated to David's scripts and music is now online at:

A note on tickets for BarnDoor Productions' shows:

We don't do credit cards. We ask for cash. This saves both of us money - lots of it.
Credit/debit card and "convenience" fees can add up to 25% to the cost of your ticket! Do you really want to pay that much just to buy a ticket?

Here's how to order tickets for a BarnDoor Productions show:
1) Call 613 267 1884.
2) Tell us who you are, how many tickets you want and what performance.
3) Pay us in cash when you arrive.
Your tickets are guaranteed and it's a lot cheaper!

---> This is for BarnDoor Production's shows only <---
Other events at FCT handle ticket sales as noted.
Our Facebook counter somehow got reset from over 500 to 0!  Give us a click and help us build it back up!
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613 267 1884

A new 2-act version of a classic farce
Our June production
Charley's Aunt

We've just begun -- so join us!
"Superb acting ... great direction ... costuming and set design perfection."
"...would shine on the professional stage anywhere!"

"Marvellous! Absolutely bloody marvellous!"
"A brilliant play exceptionally well performed and directed."
"Very gripping the way these two actors held the stage. A MUST SEE!"
"Terrific . . . beautifully layered and very funny."
"Superb acting, obviously great direction, topped off with costuming and set design perfection."
"An amazing two-hander not to be missed at Full Circle Theatre in Perth."
"This play would shine on the professional stage anywhere!"

"...amazing & hilarious."
"I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life."
"I really, really, REALLY loved the show."
"That was 'way, 'WAY too much fun. 'Way too much. I think I hurt myself."
"Without hesitation, that was the best panto I've ever seen."
"It felt wonderful to laugh like that. Not to be missed!"
"Laugh out loud antics.High energy panto in its most outrageous tradition."

"Too much fun!"
"I couldn't stop laughing!"
"So much fun to see the Cinderella characters backward."
"I've avoided panto like the plague -- this was so much fun, I want to see more!"
"This play is brilliant!'
"The two parts (frontstage and backstage) fit together perfectly!"
"It's a hoot! No, it's a hoot and a half!"

"A powerhouse of a play with three powerhouse performances!"
"That was an education -- but a fun one!"
Come and join us for laughs and fun and more!

IT'S SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!

And Full Circle Theatre has a summer full of exciting theatre for you

An old chestnut brought to new life
A new play about an old treasure
and a one-man show performed by one of Canada's best known TV and film actors

JUNE 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 8:00 p.m.
JUNE 10, 17, 24 2:00 p.m. 

The longest running farce in London history!

A 3-weekend run for this hilarious "chestnut".

AUGUST 10,11,16,17,18, 23, 24, 25 7:30 p.m.
AUGUST 12, 19, 26 1:30 p.m.

A new play about the man who became
The Bard of Avon
3 weeks in August

JULY 20 at 7:30 p.m.
JULY 21 at 2:00 and 7:30 p.m.


was the hit of Ottawa's undercurrents festival in February 2016 and
the best-selling show in the festival's 6-year history.

Generous, timely, intelligent, funny, heartfelt, and always engaging.

Amazing, thoughtful, hilarious, powerful.

Robert Bockstael had us in the palm of his hand.

Such an important topic. Robert Bockstael was brilliant.

Well-written, thought-provoking, honest, and brilliantly performed.

See Robert Bockstael in this timely, tough and sweet one-man show. He is a treasure.

Terrific storytelling. Bockstael's performance is dynamic, funny and generous. A great night at the theatre.

A remarkable series of remarkable plays and musicals


Wait! What? New and classic?
Yep, all classic stories, all brand-new scripts -- ALL BDP originals.


based on a story by
W. Somerset Maugham

October 19 to 28

On a tropical island, a missionary saves a prostitute's soul -- but at what cost?
5 men/4 women



a new play
based on the novel by
Dashiell Hammett

February 15 to 24

What would you do to gain the fabled treasure of "The Black Bird"?

5 men/3 women


The Crumbs Don't Fall Far From The Loaf

November 30 to December 9

A brand-new "panto" that's at least as hilarious as last year's Cinderella!




A new musical
based on works by Mark Twain

April 19 to 28

You know the story -- now it's a musical!

3 people

Here's what our 22nd season looked like ...

What our audience said about Season 22

Venus In Fur

VIF "Saw the show last night and it was AMAZING!" "... superb. Go and see it!" "This play is ... wow!" "I'm coming back -- and I'm bringing others!" "Venus In Fur was ****ing amazing!"

Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol

CDCC 2016 "Superb... riveting performance!" "...a revelation!" "If I could, I'd see every performance." "Another masterpiece." "I now like Dickens!"

7 Keys To Baldpate

7 Keys "Great play! Twists and turns and lots of laughs!" "That was a wonderful play!" "I laughed!" "I never saw the ending coming. And, then I never saw the other ending coming!" "A very smart production with a very energetic cast. Go see it!" "As I was shovelling snow, I said to myself 'I hope BarnDoor Productions gives me something to get me out of this winter dreariness'. Well, you did!"

The Tin Woman

Tin Woman "This is good... this is VERY good." "This is SO amazing." "I didn't know whether I should laugh or not -- but it's funny -- but it's sad." "All right. I cried. But I laughed, too." "I think this is one of the best productions that I've seen at this venue."

The Decorator

Decorator "Funny and fast paced performance. Loved it!" "Perfect! Perfect summer fun!" "I nearly had an asthma attack laughing."

Trifles, Tea & Tape

TTnT About Trifles: "... magic!" "I've seen other productions that fell flat, but this one digs down to the centre of the emotion." About Tea Cups: "A delight!" About Krapp's Last Tape: "Brilliant!" "Perfect!" "Thank you for Krapp's Last Tape!"


Lysistrata "Naughty -- but fun" "Hilarious" "I love it!" "It's an education!" "Entertaining and hilarious!" "That was jaw-dropping!" "They should do this in New York!"
Below: the stage at the Full Circle Theatre, lit, dressed and waiting!

Have YOU got an event that you want to put in front of the public?  A concert, a play, a movie, a public reading of the telephone book?  We can help you bring it to your audience.

The Outside Track 2016

We are the most approachable, affordable and experienced
performing arts venue
in the county.

As many as 144 events at FCT in one year tells you
the story.

Of interest at Full Circle Theatre

We've made a few improvements to FCT this past year,
including new hallway flooring and
new finish on the lobby floor.

Small gains, but FCT is still the most comfortable and accommodating performance space in Perth!

Some of the best in international cinema
-Alternate Wednesdays
at 2 and 7 p.m.-

or call the Perth Library at

Sold out

Film Night International

FiNI returns in the fall for their sixth year at Full Circle Theatre

Go HERE for details on the lineup