BarnDoor Productions, Perth's original community theatre

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Full Circle Theatre has gone -- but NOT BarnDoor Productions!

BarnDoor Productions has been presenting live theatre in Perth, Ontario since 1995
and before that, as Perth Summer Theatre, back to 1983.

From outdoor classics to modern hits, from favourite "chestnuts" to original shows,
BDP has set the region's  community theatre standards since our first production
and built a reputation for high-energy, fast-paced, constantly surprising and always exciting theatre.

Producing Directors David and Janice Jacklin are now in their 40th year of presenting theatre together.

In 2012, the Jacklins were honoured with the
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
for service to the community
and the performing arts.

A website dedicated to David's scripts and music is online at:

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We closed Full Circle Theatre in 2022, but

BarnDoor Productions

is not done, yet!

We are exploring (slowly) other options to keep our creativity flowing.

We'll let you know as things develop.

What did our audience say about our 23rd season?

A PERFECT LIKENESS (October 2017):
"Marvellous! Absolutely bloody marvellous!"
"A brilliant play exceptionally well performed and directed."
"Very gripping the way these two actors held the stage. A MUST SEE!"
"Terrific . . . beautifully layered and very funny."
"Superb acting, obviously great direction, topped off with costuming and set design perfection."
"An amazing two-hander not to be missed at Full Circle Theatre in Perth."
"This play would shine on the professional stage anywhere!""

CINDERELLA (December 2017)
"...amazing and hilarious."
"I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life."
"I really, really, REALLY loved the show."
"That was 'way, 'WAY too much fun. 'Way too much. I think I hurt myself."
"Without hesitation, that was the best panto I've ever seen."
"It felt wonderful to laugh like that. Not to be missed!"
"Laugh out loud antics.High energy panto in its most outrageous tradition."

PANTO CAN BE MURDER (February 2018):
"Too much fun!"
"I couldn't stop laughing!"
"So much fun to see the Cinderella characters backward."
"I've avoided panto like the plague -- this was so much fun, I want to see more!"
"This play is brilliant!'
"The two parts (frontstage and backstage) fit together perfectly!"
"It's a hoot! No, it's a hoot and a half!"
Scheduled for its international debut in the U.K. in February!

THE TAMING (April 2018)
"A powerhouse of a play with three powerhouse performances!"
"That was an education -- but a fun one!"

CHARLEY'S AUNT (June 2018)
How good is it? Well, our new version has ALREADY reached the stage in the U.S.!

WILLM SHAKSPER (August 2018)
"An amazing production."
"This play is a marvel."
"Simply wonderful."
"Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant."
Comments on our 27th season

Plan 9 From Outer Space

"Loved, loved (Plan 9 From Outer Space) last evening!
So much fun!"
H.G. Perth

"Thank you for bringing some 'normal' back.
We laughed so hard!"
S.R. Ottawa

The Spooking Season II

"Magnificent way to get into the Halloween spirit. I had shivers.
I held my breath. I was mesmerized and entertained.
And I had fun!"
J.S. Perth
What did our audience say about our 24th season?

RAIN (October 2018):
"You've outdone yourself. That was the best play I've seen in a long time."
"There are plays where the script relies on the performers to make it good. This is one where the script brings the performers up to its level."
"And, that ending! What a twist!"
"Terrific . . . beautifully layered and very funny."
"Timely, again. Or maybe, timely, still."

HANSEL AND GRETEL (December 2018)
"I haven't heard my husband laugh so hard in a long time."
"I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life."
From a three-year old after the bear chase: "Well, that was a surprise."
"Astonishingly good."

THE MALTESE FALCON (February 2019):
"Well choreographed ... delightful ... community theatre at its finest."
"A masterful adaptation."
"Brilliant! ... as usual."
"What a great play!"
"Even the scene changes are part of the entertainment."
"A fantastic evening of live theatre."
"Everything works ... seamless."
Already with interest for productions in the U.K., N.Z. and Australia!

"I had no idea of what to expect. What I saw had nothing to do with what I expected. But, I really, really loved every moment of it."
"I just saw it tonight and I want to see it again -- right now!"
"Theatre at its best."
"...a masterpiece!"
"BarnDoor Productions is always thought-provoking and trail-blazing."

"That was fun!"
"I've never seen anything like it!"

MACBETH (August 2019)
"...the best production of Macbeth I've ever seen!"
"...a must-see for everyone who loves great theatre!"
" astonishing production!"
"My heart is still pounding!"

Plan 9 From Outer Space

Our great new rock'n'roll movie musical,
based on "the worst movie of all time",


It's a lot of laughs and fun,
with some glorious singing and great songs.

Aliens descend on Earth to conquer us with space zombies and space vampires -- or something like that;
it's really hard to tell what the plot is --
but it's fun all around!

Plan 9 September 2020 poster