BarnDoor Productions, Perth's original community theatre


Our first season in our new home.
It was a season of high and lows, of back-breaking work and long applause.
It was a season that holds out the promise of a tremendous amount to come!

Above: The Invocation to the Gods and Instructions to the Audience: a 3,000 year tour of the history of theatre, leading to the Full Circle.

Below: The Director's Sketch.  Janice Jacklin gives us her wisdom: "It might be Hamlet, but it's got to be FUN!, FUN!, FUN!"

The Director's Sketch

Here is a short video of the Grand Finale, along with our thanks to all involved in bringing our dream to life!

September 23, 24, 25 2011

Our gala opening happened in September.
Music, dance, fun and a heart-felt thank you to everyone who contributed to the the creation of the Full Circle Theatre.


Compiled and directed by
David Jacklin
Costume assistance by
Jeanne Jenner
Stage Manager/Video Operator
Elaine Laxton
Technical Operator
Tyler Champagne
Front of house
Marilyn Bird, Verna Harold

The Dancers
choreographed and directed by
Svetlana Timsenko
of the Perth School of Dance
Cassidy Fraser, Frieda Hodgins
Sadie Kotze, Stella MacDonald
Merry Parkinson, Eliza VanWingerden
Rachael Webb, Jayda Wood

The Actors
David Bird, Catherine Clark
David Jacklin, Janice Jacklin
Ian Jenner, Gary King
Joe Laxton, Nancy Moxon

Accompanist: Pamela Newton
an improbable farce after Noel Coward
by David Jacklin
Oct. 21, 22, 23 , 27, 28, 29 2011

The world premiere production of a new comedy!
Directed by
Joe Laxton
Set by
Joe Laxton, David Jacklin, Gary King
Janice Jacklin
Stage Manager
Elaine Laxton
Stage Crew
Gina Tremaine, Julia Bryant, Nancy Moxon
Front of House
Nancy Moxon, Verna Harold, Marilyn Bird, Gary King and The Friends of the Full Circle Theatre

The Cast:
Nicole Bamber: Edith Headon
Nelson McCulloch: Mark Bradman
Adrienne Ryan: Elvira Condomine
Grace Main: Ruth Condomine
Juli Heney: Maude Condomine
David Bird: Charles Condomine
Janice Jacklin: Madame Arcati
Rowan McCulloch: Daphne

Free Spirits is an original comedy created by BarnDoor Productions.  It is available for production by other groups.  CLICK HERE for a page with a short excerpt from the script and more photos!
Free Spirits October 2011
Above: Floating apparitions! The spirits of Elvira, Ruth and Charles seem to float in the air behind those of Madame Arcati and Daphne.

Left: Seance with a ghost.  Maude, Edith and Mark conduct a seance with the ghost of Charles sitting in.

Below: A house quite overrun with spectral beings.  The shades of Elvira, Ruth and Madame Arcati offer advice to those still living.
The Chimes December 2011

Above: Meg's choice.
Below: Trotty's Dance (Finale)

Above: "There'll be a fire tonight. East, west, north, south, they'll be burning." David Bird as Will Fern

Right: The Spirit of the Bells leads Trotty onward. Joe Laxton as Trotty Veck; Bree Lennox as The Spirit
The Chimes
based on the story by Charles Dickens
December 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18  2011
Adapted, composed and directed by
David Jacklin
Costume coordinator, Janice Jacklin
Front of house
Verna Harold, Rob Umpherson, Marilyn Bird
and the Friends of the Full Circle Theatre

Toby "Trotty” Veck, Joe Laxton
Margaret "Meg" Veck, Mary Armstrong
Richard, Ian Jenner
Alderman Cute, Paul Roach
Mr. Filer, Cory Lavery
Sir Joseph Bowley, Gary King
Lady Bowley, Karen Bernique
Mr. Fish, Bonnie Walther
Will Fern, David Bird
Lilian Fern, as a girl, Bree Lennox
Lilian Fern as a young woman, Anna Stewart
Tugby, David Bird
Mrs. Anne Chickenstalker, Elaine Laxton
The Man In Black, Cory Lavery
The Drum, a friend of Toby’s, Gary King
The Spirits of the Bells, Bree Lennox
Nancy Moxon
Vera Campbell
Janice Jacklin

ORGANIST: Grace Armstrong

Not Now Darling February 2012

Above: I'm staying right here until I get what I want.

Below: You miserable little man!

Right:  Is there something I should be looking into?  

Not Now, Darling
A comedy by Ray Cooney and John Chapman

February 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26 2012

Directed by David Jacklin
Stage Manager, Marie White
Costume coordinator, Janice Jacklin
Set Construction
Gary King, Joe Laxton, Ian Jenner, Carol Richardson, Janice Jacklin
Front of house
Janice Jacklin, Grace Armstrong, Ian Jenner, Jeanne Jenner, Marilyn Bird
and the Friends of the Full Circle Theatre

The Cast
Miss Whittington, Marie White
Arnold Crouch, Garry Welsh
Ambrosine Tipdale, Karen Bernique
Mrs.  Frencham, Jacquie Ramsey
Gilbert Bodley, David Bird
Mr. Frencham, Gary King
Harry McMichael, Chris Angel
Janie McMichael, Kristy Angel
Maude Bodley, Tracy Noonan
Sue Lawson, Tegan Healey
Charlie Lawson, Ian Jenner

Some of the most outrageous, naughty and delightful fun you can legally have on a stage. A sure-fire crowd-pleaser and it did!

Above: Your son is dead? Kristy Angel as Honey
Below: To the death? David Jacklin and Catherine Clark as George and Martha

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
A play by Edward Albee

Directed by Janice Jacklin
Stage Manager, Elaine Laxton
Costume Coordinator, Jeanne Jenner
Set Construction, David Jacklin, Joe Laxton
Front of house
Janice Jacklin, Ian Jenner, Verna Harold, David Bird
and the Friends of the Full Circle Theatre

The Company

Martha, Catherine Clark
George, David Jacklin
Nick, Chris Angel
Honey,  Kristy Angel

Above: Martha is lying! Kristy Angel, David Jacklin, Catherine Clark, Chris Angel as Nick
The Imaginary Invalid
By Molière
An original adaptation based on a translation by
Charles Heron Wall

Joy run amok!  Called "a tour de force!" and "a timeless classic brought to vivid life", The Invalid continues to delight, shock, amuse and, perhaps, offend people more than three centuries after it was written.  This was classic theatre that is actually classic!

Directed, and with original music, by David Jacklin
Costumes designed and created by Sara Cochran
Stage Manager, Elaine Laxton
Set Construction, David Jacklin, Joe Laxton, Donna Bourgeault
Front of house
Janice Jacklin, Verna Harold, Nancy Moxon
and the Friends of the Full Circle Theatre

ARGAN     Joe Laxton
TOINETTE     Donna Bourgeault
ANGÉLIQUE     Sydney Jacklin
BÉLINE     Dawn Tressider
LOUISON     Bree Lennox
CLÉANTE     Connor Burnham
M. DIAFOIRUS     Ian Jenner
BÉRALDE     Gary King
MME. FLEURANT     Jeanne Jenner
M. PURGON     Ian Jenner
The crazy, joyous finale: deconstructing and destroying the sacred facultatis medicatus.

The women in ARGAN's life, who run him ragged:  BÉLINE, TOINETTE, ANGÉLIQUE  and LOUISON
Lots of skin means lots of ticket sales, of course, and we had plenty of skin, thanks to Kristy's legs and David B.'s, ahem, "short hair-cut".  David J. wisely stayed covered.
Below: hang-gliding is out and, if you open your door and see this, RUN!
Red hot Justine
The Love List
By Norm Foster

Directed by Janice Jacklin
Designed by David Jacklin
Stage Manager, Elaine Laxton
Technician, Joe Laxton
Set Construction
David Jacklin, Joe Laxton, Sean Jacklin, Janice Jacklin
Dresser, Emma Houlahan
Front of house
Janice Jacklin, Marilyn Bird, Chris Angel, Jeanne Jenner, Ian Jenner
and the Friends of the Full Circle Theatre*

David Bird as Bill
David Jacklin as Leon
Kristy Angel as Justine

Another brilliant romp from the prolific Norm Foster.  A great way to close off our first season at FCT, with huge laughs, long applause and standing ovations.  Not that we care about Standing O's, of course.