BarnDoor Productions, Perth's original community theatre


Between August and September of 2008, as our celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Studio Theatre came to an end, our situation at the Studio Theatre deteriorated in the wake of a new Board of Directors coming in there.  By October, our long-standing agreements with the Perth Theatre Project were dead and we found ourselves out of the home we had largely built, funded and kept going for over a decade.  The next couple of years would be tough.

Above: Kirsty Angel, Katharine Coleman, Karen Bernique
Below: Katharine, Karen and Kristy.  The three K's.


Secrets of a Soccer Mom
A comedy by Kathleen Clark

October, 2008

A deceptively simple show.  Three soccer moms are playing a season-end game against their kids.  They talk, they play, they think, they dream -- in the end, we (and they) learn a lot.  Fun, moving and very well performed by our cast, the show was the very last of more than 50 productions we did at the Studio Theatre

Directed and Designed by David Jacklin

Lighting, Sean Jacklin

  Box Office, Janice Jacklin, Dennis Hoffman


Alison . . . . . . . . . . . Karen Bernique
Lynn . . . . . . . . . . Katharine Coleman
Nancy . . . . . . . . . . . Kristy Tait-Angel

Above: Garry Welsh as The Scarecrow 

Right Upper: Sean Jacklin, Garry Welsh, Raynee Doner, David Bird

Right: Sean Jacklin as The Tin Man

The Wizard of Oz

November 2008

The Perth Community Choir

Not a BarnDoor Production, per se, but with direction by Janice Jacklin, sets and tech by David Jacklin and featuring Sean Jacklin as the Tin Man and Sydney Jacklin in the chorus, it was definitely related!

A remarkable production that pushed the PCC technically to the limit -- and was a sell-out hit, too!


A Christmas Carol
A dramatic reading by
David Bird

December 2008

Our long-time veteran (go back through the history here and see how many times you find his name) brought his one-man performance of Dickens' A Christmas Carol to life in a dinner theatre performance for two nights only at the Gore Street Grill (now defunct).  Two sold-out shows later showed that he is Scrooge -- and Marley and Cratchit and all the rest.
A real crowd-pleaser.

Above: Janice Jacklin, Marilyn Bird, Kristy Tait-Angel, Sydney Jacklin.  The ladies have put the set up backward and play the first twenty minutes to the back of the stage!

Below: Janice Jacklin and Gary King.  It wouldn't be Farndale if Gary didn't end up in drag.

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of
A comedy by David McGilvray and Walter Zerlin Jr.

February 2009

On the big stage at P&DCI high school, we had some more FAHETGDS fun.  This time, the ladies demolish the Scottish play and a good time is had by all.

Directed by David Bird
Costumes created by Marilyn Bird
Set: David Jacklin, with Sydney Jacklin
Technical Operator: Sean “Adrian” Jacklin
Front of House: Dennis Hoffman, Susan McDougall

The Cast

Phoebe Reece: Catherine Clark
Gordon Pugh: Gary King
George Peach: David Bird
Minnie Meighan: Susan Bamber
Felicity Wilkes: Sydney Jacklin
Dawn O’Day: Kristy Tait Angel
Kate Parry-Jones: Marilyn Bird
Thelma Greenwood: Janice Jacklin
Gwynneth Pakrow: Chris Angel
The Producer: Himself


Above: John Wing, himself

John Wing: Local Boy Makes Good

May, 2009

We had a unique opportunity to bring Genie-nominated comedian John Wing (well known for appearances on CBC Radio, the Comedy Network and much more) to Perth for a special one-night only performance.  John is a university chum and we had a great time getting re-acquainted and an even better time laughing to the contents of John's zig-zagging mind.  A rare treat.

John Wing

Above: Charlie's Car Wash in September of 2009

Right: the lobby from the main entrance.  Tom Van Dusen, our real estate agent, in the picture.

Below: The interior of the auditorium as it was.

Charlie's Car Wash

In June of 2009, we discovered our new home, a car wash!

Many years before, we had seriously considered the possibility of converting the then-vacant building at 26 Craig Street in Perth to use as a theatre, but weren't able to swing it at the time.  It was purchased by acquaintances Charles and Daphne Henderson and made into Charlie's Car Wash in 1986.  We used to pass the building and joke that Charlie was keeping our theatre open for us.  In August of 2009, we purchased the building from the Hendersons.

Anyone with any theatre experience can look at the building as it was then and see the potential for development into a theatre -- right?  Well, maybe.