BarnDoor Productions, Perth's original community theatre

Laurie Reesor and Jamie Benda

My Darling, Judith

A comedy by
Norm Foster
October, 2004

The Company of the Studio Theatre

Another solid seller from Norm Foster -- the kid can sure write 'em.  Judith was a crowd pleaser and a pleasure to perform.

Cast, in order of appearance

Anna Miles, Natalie Klymko
David Stafford, David Jacklin
Carl Newhouse, James Benda
Judith Stafford,  Laurie Reesor
Marie, Georgina Spelvin


Scott Duncan, Natalie Klymko


The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged!)

By Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield

December, 2004

The Company of the Studio Theatre

Oh, my goodness!  What utter joy to run amok with the Bard.  Three people to destroy utterly and rebuild our love of all things Shakespearian.  A must do-over!

Scott Duncan
Joe Laxton
Natalie Klymko

David Bird, Michelle Bryden, Barb Guthrie

Blithe Spirit
A comedy by
Noel Coward

February 2005

The Company of the Studio Theatre

Back for our tenth anniversary season, Blithe Spirit remained as strong a crowd pleaser as it was in 1995 (and in 1945, for that matter!).  Some of (our) original cast returned and a great time was had by all.

Cast, in order of appearance

Edith, Brianna Browman
Ruth Condomine,Barb Guthrie
Charles Condomine, David Bird
Mrs.  Bradman, Joanna McAuley
Dr. Bradman, Bob Sneyd
Madame Arcati, Grace Armstrong
Elvira, Michelle Bryden
featuring Sydney Jacklin as the Voice of Daphne


Scott Duncan, Has Anyone Seen The Colonel?

A tuneful, moving, funny, sad and thoroughly theatrical look at Canada’s part in World War II.  This multi-media musical revue was our first production in 1995 and returned for another successful run in 2005.   Closing day was BarnDoor Productions’ 10th anniversary.   April 10 to 23, 2005

The Company

Cindi Bates     Johann Boraks      Amanda Bostland     Cara Dean Scott Duncan     John Gittens     Gary King  David Bird and David Jacklin

The Band
Grace Armstrong, Piano     Jim Bailey, Bass     Steve Clark, Sax , Chris Stott, Trumpet     Peter Wand, Clarinet

Reid Linforth, Tegan Healey

Wedding Bells

by Edward Salisbury Fields

A comedy from the archives of Perth’s Marks Brothers Dramatic Company

The Marks Brothers Melodrama

Salisbury Fields' 1919 comedy is just plain fun to perform and to view.  With a strong cast, lots of music and a fine script, the audience lapped it up.


Cara Howard as Ophelia

Just days after the closing of Hamlet, we lost Cara to a tragic car accident.
Her beauty lives on.

Todd Stace as Marcellus, David Bird as The Ghost, Chris Sleeth as Hamlet


by William Shakespeare

July 2005

Our 10th Garden Classic

The play we’d been building to for a decade.
The beautiful gardens of Perth Manor Heritage Inn.
The greatest play ever written.
Simply stunning.

Here's the record: 10 productions; 62 performances;
0 rainouts!

The Players

CLAUDIUS, king of Denmark   Robert Del Grande
HAMLET, prince of Denmark    Chris Sleeth
POLONIUS, lord chamberlain   Joe Laxton
HORATIO, friend to Hamlet    Scott Duncan
LAERTES, son to Polonius     Brant E. Daniluk

ROSENCRANTZ  |       Todd Stace
GUILDENSTERN |  courtiers   Reid Linforth
OSRIC      |       Sean Jacklin

A Gentleman          Sean Jacklin
A Priest            Gary King

MARCELLUS   |         Todd Stace
BERNARDO  | soldiers     Ian Doig
FRANCISCO  |         Reid Linforth

First Player/Player King      Gary King
2nd Player/Player Queen     Sean Jacklin
3rd Player/LUCIANUS      Brant E. Daniluk

1st Grave-Digger           Ken Eccles
2nd Grave-Digger        Ian Doig

GERTRUDE, queen of Denmark  Cindi Bates
OPHELIA, daughter to Polonius  Cara Howard

The Ghost           David Bird