BarnDoor Productions, Perth's original community theatre

David Jacklin and Laurie Reesor

Here On The Flight Path

A comedy by
Norm Foster
October, 2003

The Company of the Studio Theatre

Directed by Janice Jacklin

A delightful two-hander featuring David Jacklin in a suitably stolid role and Laurie Reesor in a bewildering variety of costumes and characters that drew more than favourable comparison with the author and his wife in the same roles.  A real-crowd pleaser.


The company perform All Souls Aboard The Birmingham High Flier in the opening of The Holly Tree


The Holly Tree

A new holiday musical by
David Jacklin
December, 2003

The Company of the Studio Theatre

We finally were able to bring The Holly Tree to the stage and the audience were astounded.  A full-on, Broadway style musical with original music, all created right here in Perth.  A very successful run and more to come!

Rons Cosens, Ron Getz

The Tomorrow Box
A comedy by
Anne Chislett

February/March 2004

The Company of the Studio Theatre

Chislett's Canadian classic is one of those shows that stays perennially fresh.  Never mind that the legal arguments are dated -- it's the characters and their conflict that is real.  A truly solid production.

Joe Cooper                                        Ron Cosens
Alice Cooper                                   Natalie Klymko
Maureen Cooper                            Joanna McAuley
Lisa Graham                                    Laura Bjorgan
Jack Cooper                                              Ron Getz

Barb Guthrie and Janet Rice

Waiting In The Wings

A play by Noel Coward

April 2004

The Company of the Studio Theatre
Coward's 50th play is one of his most gentle and endearing -- he may have set aside his razor wit, but he has drawn some truly endearing characters for us.  A big hit and a memorable production.
The Cast In Order of Appearance

Bonita Belgrave               Sarah Hood
Cora Clarke                        Dianne Faulkner
Maud Melrose                  Kathie Reid
May Davenpor                 Janet Rice
Almina Clare                     Bonnie Walther
Estelle Craven                  Patricia Perry
Deirdre O’Malley             Liz Theobald
Perry Lascoe                     David Bird
Sylvia Archibald             Juli Ann Heney
Mr Osgood Meeker         Ken Eccles
Lotta Bainbridge             Barb Guthrie
Dora                                     Siobhán Muldowney
Doreen                               Allison Stanton
Sarita Myrtle                   Tracy Brown
Zelda Fenwick                 Marilyn Bird
Dr Jevons                         Ian Doig
Alan Bennet                     Scott Mousseau
Topsy Baskerville          Joyce Jones

Tegan Healey, Brant Daniluk, Eric Dugdale, Maegan Ricketts

The Tyranny of Tears

A melodrama from the archives of Perth’s Marks Brothers Dramatic Company

The Marks Brothers Melodrama

Re-vamped and re-mounted from our 2000 production, we had, over the winter, found much information.  It was by C. Haddon Chambers and was, in its day, as highly regarded as The Importance of Being Earnest.  

A charming play of wit and manners that deserves a place on the stage.  And our cast did it justice.

Hyacinth Woodward           Miss Tegan Healey
Evans                                 Mr. Ron Getz
Clement Parbury                Mr. Eric Dugdale
Mabel Parbury                    Miss Maegan Ricketts
George Gunning                 Mr. Brant E. Daniluk
Colonel Armitage                Mr. David Jacklin


Gary King, Leigh Zufelt, Janet Coward

The Beggar's Opera

by John Gay

July 2004

Our 9th Garden Classic

It was wet, sometimes, and buggy at others, but always musical and wonderful.  Gay's oh-so-cynical 1720s musical came to rambunctious life in a new production with new arrangements and orchestrations that kept it up-to-date and exciting

Here's the record: 9 productions; 56 performances;
0 rainouts!


Bought and Paid For

A drama by George Broadhurst

August 2004

The Marks Brothers Melodrama

Audiences found that even a 90 year old melodrama can still shock you!  This play about spousal abuse and alcoholism,  even as seen from the point of view of the 1920s, hit hard, but still entertained from beginning to end.

Francois                    Mr. David Jacklin
James Gillie               Mr. Brant E. Daniluk
Virginia Blaine           Miss Tegan Healey
Fanny Blaine             Miss Maegan Ricketts
Robert Stafford         Mr. Eric Dugdale

Meagan Ricketts, Tegan Healey