BarnDoor Productions, Perth's original community theatre


Jim MacGregor, Luc Robertson, Todd Schaus, Jamie Benda

Dracula, by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston. This is the original Dracula play, that made a star of Bela Lugosi. It was also our first production in the PTP's Studio Theatre -- it was actually built around us while we rehearsed; the seats went in two days before we opened -- one week before we opened, there was no stage! It scared the heck out people -- the show did, too! Cast: Harker, Luc Robertson; Wells, Suzanne Baron; Dr. Seward, Jamie Benda; Professor Van Helsing, Jim McGregor; Renfield, Graham Shaw; Butterworth, T. Anders Carson; Lucy Seward, Rachelle Lambden; Count Dracula, Todd Schaus; with special appearances by Rick Wood and Shannon Black. Seasonal Production Manager: Susan Keyes. Costumes: Susan Keyes, Jeanne Jenner. Stage Manager: Heather Keyes. Technical Crew Chief: Sandy Rankin. Lighting Operator: Susan Keyes. Properties: Kirby Smith, Susan Keyes, Heather Keyes. Front of House Manager: Janice Jacklin. Stage Crew: Shelley Smith, Kirby Smith, Jamie Schoular, Robert Del Grande, Ian Doig, Sandy Rankin October 1997.

Brent MacLaren

A Christmas Carol, adapted from Dickens by David Jacklin. With a new, permanent home, we can now look to creating our own scripts. This Carol is a staging of the text of the book itself, in story theatre style, with lots of music. A sleeper hit that we decided to remount for 1998. Cast: Heather Keyes, Jon Adjemian, Anna Adjemian , Jeremy Dutton, James Benda, Susan Code, Janice Jacklin, Todd Schaus, Sarah Gibson Bray, Kate Dutton, Carl Bray, Karyn McLachlan, Melanie Younger, David Bird, Ian Doig, T. Anders Carson, Janice Reid, Shannon Black, Robert Del Grande, Joanne Oatway, Clark Theobald, Suzanne Baron, Bridgit Theobald, Joe James, Luc Robertson , Bonnie Walther, Brent McLaren, Kathie Reid. Associate Director: Janice Jacklin. Seasonal Production Manager: Susan Keyes. Costumes: Cheryl Moss, Jeanne Jenner. Stage Manager: Susan Keyes .  December 1997.

Peter Graham, Kathie Reid, Joanne Oatway

Harvey, by Mary Chase. What fun! To discover the wonderful gentleness of Ms. Chase's Pulitzer Prize winning script -- to play with all of the terrific toys she gave her performers and to see the audience drink it up, night after night. Chestnut, my eye! Cast: Myrtle Mae Simmons, Joanne Oatway; Veta Louise Simmons, Kathie Reid; Elwood P. Dowd, Jamie Schoular; Miss Johnson, Heather Keyes; Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet, Susan Code; Ruth Kelly, R.N., Carolyn Sutherland; Duane Wilson, T. Anders Carson; Lyman Sanderson, M.D., Rick Wood; William Chumley, M.D., David Bird; Betty Chumley, M.R.S., Bonnie Walther; Judge Omar Gaffney, Peter Graham; E.J. Lofgren, Sandy Rankin; Harvey, George Spelvin . Directed by Janice Jacklin. Designed by David Jacklin. Seasonal Production Manager: Susan Keyes. Costumes: Cheryl Moss. Stage Manager: Susan Keyes. The special paintings for this show were the work of Pat Thacker. Set Crew: James Benda, Pat Greer, Heather Keyes, Jeanne Jenner, Paul Loiselle, Adam Montgomery, Wilson Parks, Sandy Rankin, Dan Schaus. February/March 1998.

Rachelle Lambden, Anna Adjemian,Gerard Gouthro, Sarah Nelson, Micaela Coombs

A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. The Dream In The Garden! What a perfect setting for the Dream. With Galyarde providing Joe Martin's new orchestrations of Mendelsohn's incidental music, original costumes by Cheryl Moss and the simplicity of floodlit flowers and gardens as a set, it was simply magic. Unfortunately, it was also the coldest, wettest June on record; audiences were way down, but we didn't have to cancel any performances! Cast:  Theseus, Peter Coon; Hippolyta, Susan Code; Philostrate, Peter Graham; Egeus, Sandy Rankin; Lysander, Graham Shaw; Demetrius, Ben Graham; Hermia, Heather Keyes; Helena, Svetlana Timtsenko; Puck, Jonathan Adjemian; Oberon, Rick Wood; Titania, Shannon Black; Peaseblossom, Rachelle Lambden; Cobweb, Jasmine Curry; Moth, Micaela Coombs; Mustardseed, Sarah Nelson; Other faeries, Anna Adjemian, Dansya Curry; A Changeling Child, Sydney Jacklin; Quince, Robert Del Grande; Snug, Sandy Rankin; Bottom, Gerard Gouthro; Flute, Ian Earl; Snout, Rob Umpherson; Starveling, Cory Kuiper. The Musicians: Joe and Barb Martin; Bridget and Patrick Fitzgerald; Beth McLeod. Props: Kirby Smith. FOH: Jacquie Schaus, Susan Keyes, Margaret Graham. June 1998

 It's A Great Life (If you long weekend), a comedy revue, was a summer fundraiser for the Studio Theatre. An original "Air Farce" style political satire, it surprised a lot of people by being one of the funniest shows they've seen -- AND it put a lot of money into the Studio Theatre's accounts. Cast: Jeremy Dutton, David Jacklin, Janice Jacklin, Jamie Schoular & Rita Taylor. Sound, Kirby Smith; Front of House, Shelley Smith, Gerry Cann, Kathie Reid, Ian Doig. Special thanks to Jeanne Jenner for costume assistance (i.e., funny hats). July 1998