BarnDoor Productions, Perth's original community theatre

Shaun Palmer (standing), Jamie Schoular (gagged), Robert Delgrande (sleeping), David Bird (dead)

Arsenic & Old Lace, a comedy by Joseph Kesselring. Working for the first time on the stage at St. John's Catholic High School in Perth, and without the requirements of touring, the show was big and technically complicated. Some of the biggest laughs we've ever heard show why Arsenic is a crowd favourite. Cast: Aunt Abby, Barb Guthrie; Rev. Dr. Harper, George Spelvin; Teddy Brewster, Brent McLaren; Officer Brophy, Stephen Kotowych; Officer Klein, Todd Schaus; Aunt Martha, Kathie Reid; Elaine Harper, Janice Reid; Mortimer Brewster, Jamie Schoular; Mr. Gibbs, Gerry Cann; Jonathan Brewster, David Bird; Doctor Einstein, Robert Del Grande; Officer O'Hara, Shaun Palmer; Lieutenant Rooney, Sandy Rankin; Mr. Witherspoon, Mort Smyth. Costumes: Jeanne Jenner Stage Manager: Susan Keyes. October 1996.

Barb Guthrie, Bob Sneyd

How The Other Half Loves, a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn. The set combines 2 apartments that occupy the same stage space, intertwined with constant movement. -- culminating in 2 dinner parties with different people occupying the same table at the same time! A very high-energy show that left people gasping with laughter. Cast: Fiona Foster, Barb Guthrie; Frank Foster, Bob Sneyd; Theresa Phillips, Susan Code; Bob Phillips, Mike Erion; William Detweiler, Todd Schaus; Mary Detweiler, Tammy Martin; Benjamin, George Spelvin. Stage Manager: Susan Keyes; Costumes: Jeanne Jenner.  February/March 1997 October 1995.

Camilla Canuel, Robert  Delgrande, Ian Doig, Taes Leavitt, Sue Connell

Twelfth Night, or What You Will by William Shakespeare. Our second outdoor production at the Perth Manor Heritage Inn, there were high expectations. To meet them we put together a bawdy, brawling production with original costumes and music, flashing sabres, and a 24 foot high, two-storey Elizabethan playhouse - The Rose. The final night had 10 minutes of rain, while we sang "The Rain It Raineth Every Day". Cast: Orsino, Jamie Schoular; Curio/2nd Officer, Todd Schaus; Valentine/A Priest, Tyler Hands; Viola, Eileen Moriarty; A Sea Captain/First Officer, Sandy Rankin; Sir Toby Belch, David Bird; Maria, Tracy Brown; Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Mark Sentesy; Feste, Robert Del Grande; Olivia, Camilla Canuel; Malvolio, Ian Doig; Antonio, Steven Whitaker; Sebastian, Eric Craig; Fabian, Shaun Palmer; Ladies In Waiting, Sue Connell, Taes Leavitt. Musicians: Joe and Barb Martin; Bridget and Patrick Fitzgerald; Beth McLeod. Stage Manager: Susan Keyes; Costumes: Jeanne Jenner/Susan Keyes. June 1997.