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Hansel & Gretel poster

A preview page for our

December 2018 panto

Hansel & Gretel

or The Crumbs Don't Fall Far From The Loaf

Nov. 30, Dec. 6, 7, 13, 14
7:30 p.m.
Dec. 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16
2:00 p.m.

As funny, crazy and silly as last year's CINDERELLA,
but now with original music and a chorus!

We still need a few VILLAGERS!

Tyler Street
Cassandra MacDougall 
Brian Atterbury
Don MacKay 
Loretta Di Eugenio
Kim Fisher
Karen Bernique
Jerry Logan
Susan Code MacDougall
Anne Marie Lindell
Robyn Nelson
Garrett Pipher

We still need some
Vidow Vinkle
Baron Vasteland
Villager, Valiant, Bear
Villager, Valiant, Bear
Lady Malevola (nice version)
Lady Malevola (evil version)
Adalicia Bierman
Prince Rupert

more villagers -- it's fun!


Download the current draught of the book here

or the VOCAL SCORE here

and use it to follow along with the music below

Act One

No 1 Overture.mp3

No 2 It's A Grimm Old Time.mp3

No 3 Roll Up Roll Up.mp3

No 4 Boot Soup.mp3

No 4a Ominous music.mp3

No.'s 5 and 6 are short reprises of Boot Soup

No 7 Sing A Song.mp3

No 8 Ein Prosit.mp3

No 8a Mysterioso Pizzicato.mp3

No 9 Children come out.mp3

Act Two

No 10 Entr'Acte.mp3

No 11 It's Still A Grimm Old Time.mp3

No 12 Into The Woods.mp3

No 13 I'm In Love.mp3

No 14 Roll Up Roll Up Reprise.mp3

No 15 If You See A Shcary Baddie.mp3

No 16 This Is The End.mp3