Lysistrata - summer 2017



The original anti-war comedy!

Now in its 2,428th year!

Aristophanes wrote Lysistrata in 411 B.C., when Greece was smack in the middle of the Pellopenesian Wars -- 30 years of civil conflict that pitted Athens and her allies against Sparta and her allies, and which resulted in the destruction of Greece's "Golden Age" of democracy and art.

Aristophanes's message was simple:
"Stop the madness or we risk losing everything we have created."

Aristophanes envisioned a group of smart, informed, empowered women who take matters into their own hands (but nothing else, if you follow us) and put a stop to the war through the best weapon women have to change men's behaviour: sex.

Unfortunately for Greece, there was no real Lysistrata there to organize the women; Aristophanes's message went unheard and the war went on -- and on and on.

Even though the 411 B.C. version of the play failed in its goal, it remains one of the most startlingly original and frank (and sexy) pieces in all of the panoply of classical theatre.
Lysistrata - They're so smart and handsome
BarnDoor Productions has taken that original work and turned it into a snappy, sassy, sexy musical comedy that is fast and fun, has some catchy music and a tiny little political message that sneaks quietly up, taps you on the shoulder and smacks you in the face with a 60 pound mackerel!

There's nothing subtle about LYSISTRATA, but there's a lot that is fun -- for both audience and performers!

We still could use some more people. Join us!
All you men who are still men

Lysistrata: Satinka Schilling

Calonice: Laura Baker

Myrrhine: Miranda Wilson

Lampito: Kim Fisher

The Magistrate: Gary King

Cinesias: Adam Bond

Stratyllis: Kathie Reid

Philostratus: Brian Atterbury

A Spartan herald: Scott Duncan

A Chorus of Old Women: Josi Gilbertson, Kim Fisher, Nancy Moxon
A Chorus of Old Men: Scott Duncan, Greg Morris, John Stephen
Other young women and men:
Nolan Atterbury

HEY! We can still use a few more people -- it's not too late and IT'S FUN!

They cannot stand for long
It's crazy, silly fun
with lots of sexy innuendo
and some exciting music

And, it's 2,400 years old!

And, it's Greek!

What's not to like?
The Oracle has spoken

6th draught

of the working versions of the musical numbers.

Use the PDF of the script (above) to follow along and you'll see how the vocals and harmonies work and how the dialogue fits into the script.

Here are the MP3s.

Act One

No 1 - Overture.mp3

No 2 - Athens.mp3

No 3 - Lysistratas Plan.mp3

No 4 - Scene Change 1-1 to 1-2 orchestrated.mp3

No 5 - Entrance of the Chorus.mp3

No 6 - Shut Your Mouth.mp3

No 7 - All You Men.mp3

No 8 - All You Men, reprise.mp3

No 9 - Lycon My Husband.mp3

Act Two

No 10 - Entracte.mp3

No 11 - Oh, Melanion.mp3

No 12 - Baby Im not saying I dont love you.mp3

No 13 - Baby Im Not Saying, reprise.mp3

No 14 - Entrance of Reconciliation.mp3

No 15 - My Mama Never.mp3

No 16 - Io Paean.mp3

No 17 - When Spartas army ruled the hills.mp3

No 18 - Io Paean, reprise.mp3

No 19 - Curtain Call.mp3